Ferry Festa attracts thousands of visitors from all around the City and Hudson Valley for a day of celebration and fun. 


some background

Ferry Festa as we know it today originated in 2002, the year after 9/11, as a way to express community and bring everyone together. It is a celebration, not a carnival or fundraiser. Consider it Dobbs Ferry’s own (very well attended) block party to which we have invited our 15,000 closest friends.

We use the vendor fees, as well as donations from sponsors, to reimburse the costs of the police and public works from the Village to keep it safe and enjoyable. The money also pays for the entertainment acts and to front the costs of the inflatables. There is no admission fee and everyone is welcome.

I am so happy you came back to me to ask me to partake in the event. I managed to get my agents together to host a silent auction to benefit the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Foundation. We not only raised over $700 but had a lot of fun doing so. Great job.
— Evelyn Roman, NYS Licensed Associate Broker/Branch Manager, Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty

THANK yous

The Village wants to thank all of the local merchants who make the day so much fun; having their ware and fares presented on the street makes for a true festival; also all of the outside vendors who come into the village for the day.

Thank you to the Village staff who does an amazing job year after year preparing for and organizing the event: the Village Administrator, the Recreation Department, the Treasury Office and all the Administrative Staff.

Thank you to Stephen Trezza, Jennifer Dorman, and all the staff of the Department of Public Works, Highway and Garbage Crews. These folks have tough jobs everyday keeping our village clean and roadways clear; and we appreciate everything they do. For Festa it is amazing how quickly and thoroughly they clean the place up; If you had driven through downtown at night after the event, you would never have known there had been an all-day-night street fair with thousands of visitors.

Thank you to Police Chief Rick Guevara and all the dedicated officers of DFPD. The Village and Department takes public safety very seriously, and Festa is no exception. Given the size of this event, it is a huge testament to the leadership, quality and dedication of the officers ... as well the culture of our community.

Thank you to the Fire Chiefs and all the volunteer members of the DFFD. Also to the members of EMS and the Volunteer Ambulance Corps. They are on call 24-7 every day to be there when we might need help the most; and they were ready on Festa day too.

Thank you to the Mercy College staff and administrators who coordinated closely with the village and were on hand all throughout the day providing a positive example of the community and campus coming together in a big way.

Ferry Festa exceeded my expectations—a fantastic street fair, again one of the best events I attend each year.
— Paul Feiner, Town of Greenburgh Supervisor