Thanks for the Amazing Festa!

Thank you to everyone who made the 2012 Festa maybe the best ever. Music, food, fun, and community all woven into one Dobbs Ferry experience.

Special thanks for Saber, Dobbs Ferry Capital Partners, and several others for stepping in with both assistance and funding.

As we try to maneuver through these challenging times, having endured the damage done by the 60 years of the Great Sprawl experiment to our triple bottom lines of the economy, the environment, and the culture, it is wonderful to see a real community celebrating in its real downtown. The Festa is a promise that we can fix this: we have the tools and the commitment. Most importantly, we have the community.

Thank You for Ferry Festa 2011


This past Saturday, standing at the corner of Main and Cedar Streets, there was a Seaof People and Families and Kids in all directions. What an awesome sight it was … what a Fantastic Ferry Festa 2011!

On behalf of village government in Dobbs Ferry, we would like to say “Thank You” to all the people and organizations that made this year’s event such a big success.
Thank you to all the residents, neighbors and visitors who came downtown to support the local businesses community; while not every business benefits in the same way, a successful Ferry Festa helps to draw potential new customers and promote the interests of the entire business district, long-term.
Thank you to all the local business owners setting-up sidewalk operations, booths and tables; for your support, and for your investment in Dobbs Ferry.
Thank you to all the external vendors who came to our village for the day. We appreciated you being here; based on the size of the crowds, we trust it was a positive return, money was spent and goods were sold.
Thank you to all the Staff and Departments in the Village of Dobbs Ferry:
… To Village Administrator Marcus Serrano, who looked after logistics and supervised the day; to Assistant Treasurer Patrick Dougherty, who kept track of all the vendor records (and permit fees!); to Deputy Manager and Village Clerk Liz Dreaper, who did anything needed to plan and make sure things worked, and to all of the Staff at Village Hall who worked so hard.
… To the Parks & Recreation Department, Headed by Matt Aronewho did so much of the planning for the event and especially the entertainment, bands, dancers, and marchers, and all the acts at the Main and Cedar Street Stage.
… To Jim Dunn and all the men of the DPW and Highway Departments, who worked so hard to get the village in shape before the Festa, and who worked even harder to get it back into shape afterward.  It was a HUGE job.
… To Chief Gelardi and the Police Department and all the Officers, who controlled the crowds and kept everything in order, without incident. Due to the sheer number of peopleThis is one of the Department’s most stressful days as usual they performed brilliantly They keep us safe all the time.

… To Chief Trezza and the Volunteer Fire Department, who were on call, and who hosted fun events and activities at the Fire House (including the dunk pit, which I was able to avoid as a target) and also raised funds for a great local cause; and to theVolunteer Ambulance Corps, also on call in case anyone needed medical attention, and who raised funds to help support the important things they need to serve the community.
Thank you to all the folks and members of the Downtown Improvement Committee and residents  who volunteered their time during Festa; it was not easy directing people where to go, or sorting out the conflicts which invariably arise for something this big. You all did a great job.
Thank you to the Dobbs Ferry School District and all the Organizations and Clubsand Committees and Boosters who participated with booths and stations, bouncy castles and raffles; You made a big difference, and it added to the importance of what is truly a community event.
Thank you to Mercy College, and especially the young men of the Varsity Lacrosse Team, all looking good in their Maverick Gear; who were downtown all day, helping vendors set-up, carrying tables and chairs, directing traffic, and enjoying the festival. It was great to see so many Mercy College students inter-acting in our village life. We look forward to seeing you around more.
Thank you to the St Christopher Clark Academy Marching Cobras; who started the festivities off with a rousing march from one end of downtown to the other. It was brilliant.
Thank you to Stop & Shop and John Grudzinskithe local Assistant Store Manager; for providing additional parking on their property to help with overflow, which was not always easy to deal with. The village greatly appreciates their support on this day, and as an important business in our Gateway and Community.
And Last but Most …
THANK YOU to Bettina Speyer, Matt Arone, and Paddy Steinschneider, who have together been the driving force behind the Ferry Festa for many years.  In getting this event together, they do the job of an entire organization; planning, logistics, marketing, appealing, leading, begging, and sometimes yelling … they have done an incredible job, and the success of this year’s Festa is due in large part to them. This will be Bettina’s last year as a key organizer of Ferry Festa; the village of Dobbs Ferry greatly appreciates all she has done as an organizer of Ferry Festa, and a resident who will be missed. We wish her and husband Tom all the best in the future.  
Just in case to cover it all… Thank you to everyone that came, or had anything to do with Ferry Festa 2011!
… And the village would love to hear from any new residents that might like to get involved in Ferry Festa 2012.

October 4, 2011 

Mayor Hartley Connett

* * *



Ferry Festa

The big day for the Festa is coming up this Saturday October 2, 1-8pm …. Rain or Shine

This is one of the great community events in Dobbs Ferry, and volunteer organizers have been working very hard to bring in a lot of festivities, crafts, entertainment, music, vendors and a real street fair atmosphere to downtown Cedar and Main Streets in Dobbs Ferry.

Please plan to DO IT IN DOBBS all day to have fun and also support our businesses and restaurants and the vendors.

(This was BEFORE attending)

Ferry Festa exceeded my expectations--a fantastic street fair, again one of the best events I attend each year.
(This was AFTER attending)
Paul Feiner, Town of Greenburg Supervisor
* * *
I had a great and profitable time. Please issue me an email for next year
thanks so much

Rosemary Romeo
Infinite Concepts
Long Island, New York

* * *

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to perform at the Ferry Festa. We had a lot of fun and we were very happy to be a part of the festivities.  The weather was perfect and lots of people came out to enjoy the day.

Karenne Alexandre

Evolve Dance Company, Tarrytown

* * *

It certainly was the best Ferry Festa ever! I am so happy you came back to me to ask me to partake in the event. I managed to get my agents together to host a silent auction to benefit the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Foundation. We not only raised a little over $700 but had a lot of fun doing so and we continue taking donations through October. Great job….by the way, October is the best month to hold the Festa please consider the month of October again for next year.   


Best regards,


Evelyn Roman
NYS Licensed Associate Broker/Branch Manager
Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty

* * *

WAY TO GO!!! With mother nature's cooperation, and a whole
lot of careful planning and promoting, the day was a whopping success.  Honestly, 
I went into it with a smidge of skepticism.What an awesome surprise! The music, the food,
the creative offerings--it was a beautiful thing.  The Goal Club did well.
And we were happy to have created a mecca for soccer enthusiasts of all ages,
including mobs of teens.

Holly Malekian - D.F. Goal Club

* * * 

Thanks you for a fabulously fun day and the opportunity to meet and greet alumni, current families, friends and new community members!

Sharon Brennen Christian Pre-School

* * *