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Some Background

posted Jul 27, 2016, 5:28 AM by Padriac Steinschneider
Thank you for all of the nice responses to my post about the Dobbs Ferry Festa, which will be on October 15. It may be that I am not sufficiently sophisticated with Facebook, but I am not sure of how to best respond to those posts, since when I click on the names I get someone's Facebook page, which I would have to join to respond. I have posted responses on the page under the posts by others, but I am also responding here in more general terms. There is no real mechanism for me to send an application. The best way to get the application is to go to www.ferryfesta.com and click on 2016 Vendor Application. That should open a page on which there is a pdf tab. If you click on that, it should give you the application. Hope that this helps. We are an all volunteer organization and, while this would not happen without the Village of Dobbs Ferry's permission and assistance, it is not a Village staffed or paid event. It originated the year after 9/11 as a way to express community in an effort to bring everyone together. It is not a carnival and it is not a fund raiser. We use the proceeds from the vendor fees, as well as donations from sponsors, to reimburse the costs of the Village providing police and public works support to make it safe and enjoyable. We also use some of the money for music acts and to front the costs of the inflatables. It is a celebration. The best way to think of it is as a very well attended block party to which we have invited our 15,000 closest friends. I hope some of you (actually a lot of you) choose to sign up, but I also hope that everyone comes to have a great time. There is no admission fee and everyone is welcome.