There is no admission fee to the Festa for the general public. We support the cost of the Festa by the fees paid by vendors, as well as donations. We use these funds to cover the overtime expenses of Village police officers and Department of Public Works employees to keep us safe and comfortable.

If you are planning to attend the Festa, please understand it is not open to the public until 1:00 PM and it ends at 8:00 PM, although many of the restaurants will remain open later. You can enter the Festa at Cedar, Oak, Elm, and Chestnut Streets, as well as from the south end of Main Street. These streets are all closed to vehicular traffic from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Parking for the Festa: There is parking on Broadway and the streets surrounding the Festa, as well as in the Mercy parking lot on Palisade Street and in the parking lot at the Middle/High School. Parking at the Middle/High School is very convenient, just use the Aqueduct to enter the Festa at the corner of Main and Cedar Streets. There is also parking at the Village’s Waterfront lot, with a shuttle bus that brnigs people up to and back from the Festa.

The Festa is effectively a giant block party, except you are not expected to make anything. There are activities for all ages, great food and drink, great music, and great fun. Please come and enjoy yourselves.